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  July, 2017 Antennas specifically designed for 802/11 AC and the new innovation/citizen bands H & N band are scheduled for introduction
  April, 2017 Our take on canister antennas SACP 24x5510 offering 2 ea. independent 4 branch receive diversity paths for ea. sector [24 ports] using CP - Log's
  March , 2017 A 4 port SACP 4x5512 alternative is added to our popular "small-cell" line of 1710-2180 MHz antennas
  January,, 2017 Swedcom's intoduces 2 ea. 8 port SACP 8x5510 & SAMCP 8x5510 antennas allowing 2 ea. independent 4 branch receive diversity paths.
  October, 2016 The M band is added SWAMCP 6x5510 to our popular multiband SACP 6x5510 antenna
  August, 2016 Swedcom introduces SWACP 6x5510 including 2 ports for the "low-band [W] 700-900 MHz" and 4 ports for the "high-band [A] 1710-2180 MHz'
  October, 2015 Swedcom adds directional antennas primarily designed for small cell sites
  June, 2015 New dual band and dual in-band "OMNIS" are added to Swedcom's portfolio of small cell antennas
  September, 2014 Swedcom's Wideband Circular Polarized "OMNIS" are added to our existing line of CP. antennas
  August, 2014 Swedcom introduces a AISG v2.0 RET bracket SRT 10 -20 compatable with all Swedcom antennas
  August, 2014 The 6 connector SWACP 6x5514 is addede to our AWS (PCS) line of log-periodic CP. antennas (1710-2180 MHz)
  January, 2014 Swedcom's new log-periodic XP. antennas (SWX 5015 & 6015) for our XP. line of 698 896 MHz. offers a new standard when it comes to "waist-line control"
  January, 2014 The 4 connector SACP 4x5514 is addede to our AWS (PCS) line of log-periodic CP. antennas (1710-2170 MHz)
  November, 2013 Swedcom adds quad band log-periodic Circular Polarized antennas covering (698-800, 800-896 MHz), PCS and AWS bands. (SWACP)


August, 2013 A new 30 deg. alternative to split beam antennas SACP 4x3016 (1710-2170 MHz) is here incl. 2 ea. independent 30 deg. antennas and with extraordinary roll off/waistline performance.
  December 2012 Swedcom offers a triple band log periodic Circular Polarized antenna for the (1710 -2170 MHz and 2500-2690 MHz) bands.
  October 2012 Swedcom introduces the SWCP (698 - 896 MHz) line of log-periodic CP. antennas to replace SCCP (800-900 MHz) and SLCP (698 - 800 MHz) line of antennas.
  August 2011 Our wideband (AWS & PCS) SACP 2x5516 (1710-2170 MHz) is introduced

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